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My mission is to teach you about personal finance in a way that's not boring as hell. Money truly has the power to change your life, but there's a secret.
Its not just about how much you earn; it's about how you USE it.

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Not everyone is obsessed with personal finance.

A few years ago I discovered something that SHOCKED me:

My partner loves reading more than anyone I've ever met, but when i asked what his favourite personal finance book was?
he admitted he'd never read one!....

My mind was blown. As someone who had graduated university with >$100,000 in debt I HAD to care about money.

Initially I wanted to learn about personal finance to conquer my massive pile of debt (and to stop crying about money every day)...

{Not in some woo-woo
or sleazy jeff bezos way either}

the more I learned,
the more I realized money
can truly change your life.

Money gives you OPTIONS. Want to change jobs? Stay home with your kids? Travel for a year? Money will play a role in every decision.

You know the saying money can't buy you happiness? I say hogwash. 
It can.... when used for what you actually want.
Most of us are just using it wrong.

I created Money Gremlin to share what I was learning!

Good money habits are like healthy eating: most of us know "the rules" but don't necessarily follow them. Why? 
I want this blog to make you rethink your mindset, values, and beliefs around money.

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And so,

Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there [Will Rodgers]. The blog is the heart of Money Gremlin. Check out my musings on life, money, choices and optimization.


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