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10 Reasons To Start A Blog

April 4, 2019

Blogging might just be the best hobby you ever start. Here are my 10 best reasons to start a blog!

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Starting a blog is one of the best things I have done. Here are 10 reasons I think you should start a blog too!
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I’ll be honest: me having a blog is hilarious. I don’t “do well” with technology. My idea of fixing computer problems is to turn it off and hope for the best. So why the heck did someone like me start a blog? I personally had 10 reasons to start a blog.

[True story: My mom is dramatically worse on computers than I am. We were on the phone talking about something, and I told her to Google it. Her response? “I don’t know if my computer has Google”. I died laughing. Sorry mom! Your skills have come a long way in two years]

10 reasons to start a blog
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If anyone else has hilarious parents + tech stories, please share them in the comments. It’ll make my mom feel better…. if she figures out how to read them…

The blog idea begins…

When I lived with my friend Lisa in our fabulous basement suite (the sarcasm is heavy there), we discovered a blog called Mr Money Mustache. We were both casual dietitians at the time (also known as “broke”) and the blog blew our minds. Retire at 30? Never need to stress about money? We sat around for way too many hours drinking coffee in the living room discussing articles we had read. I learned so much from a stranger on the internet. It planted a seed I’ve never managed to shake.

Maybe I could pay off my debt faster than I’d planned?

Could I earn money from home?

Maybe I have things I want to tell the world?

Money Gremlin sat in my mind and grew for two years before I finally took the jump and created it. I needed to work on my self confidence and debt shame before I felt like I could be fully honest with readers. I also obsessively read personal finance books until I was confident I actually knew what I was talking about.

It took a lot of time to figure out how to blog (and a fair amount of wine), but I’m ecstatic I did it.

10 Reasons to start a blog:

1. You Get To Help Change Lives

As far as I’m concerned, this should be your number one reason. When we read Mr Money Mustache we were introduced to a powerful new way of thinking about money. Goals I didn’t even know were possible suddenly seemed attainable. When people read my blog I want them to know that debt doesn’t have to be shameful or control their lives. I want to inspire people to believe you can start at rock bottom and still have a great life. Blogging can be a powerful platform to improve peoples lives.

2. You Can Earn Some Serious Money

When you start researching blogging, it is staggering how much money some bloggers earn. As in millions of dollars a year. Obviously that is not the norm, but many people are making full time incomes blogging. Unlike most jobs which have a salary/wage cap, blogging income is limitless. Considering the debt load I graduated with, the earning potential of blogging was VERY interesting to me. Click here to learn how to make money blogging!

3. You Get To Work From Home

Or from your favorite coffee shop. Or a park bench. The point is that YOU get to decide where you work. Personally, I love working from home because I get to hang out with my dog all day. I can even wear my pajamas if I want to. It’s incredible.

10 reasons to start a blog
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You try going to work with this thing giving you puppy eyes.

4. It’s Insanely Flexible

Imagine a job where you get to choose how many days a week you work, what time of day, and for how long. Since I also work at the hospital, I felt like I could commit to two posts a week (Sunday and Thursday! Follow along!). It allows me to enjoy working on it without burning out. Some bloggers post new articles daily, others post weekly. You truly get to decide how much work and time you’re going to put into it.

5. Security

I work in a stable industry (health care), but since I’m casual I do not get guaranteed hours. Other people I know have stable salaries, but work in industries where they may lose their job at any second. The concept of having a side hustle and earning income from a second source is massive these days. I’d argue that blogging is one of the best ways to do that. It can boost your current finances, and provide a way of tiding you over during rough times.

6. Community Building

Once you decide on a topic to blog about, you realize how many people there are in the world just like you. In previous posts, I talked about how all my friends had family help them financially through school. I felt so alone with my debt, since I was the only one I knew with huge student loans. Feeling alone leads to shame. Once I started blogging about my debt, lots of people reached out to me to tell me their stories. It feels amazing to talk to people with a similar situation, and it has lead to some fantastic friendships.

7. You Are An Expert In Something

It may feel hard to believe, but you have very valuable knowledge to share. It’s likely that someone is trying to learn something you already know. Maybe you make the best Mexican food. Perhaps you paint incredible DnD figurines. Maybe you have figured out how to travel frugally. Share that knowledge with the world!!

8. Writing Is Cathartic

It is no secret that writing is healing. Getting your thoughts out on a page can really help your mood. When I was leaving my abusive relationship I wrote a ton. Journalling is one of the first things many counselors will recommend, because it helps you process your own thoughts. Your blog may not directly be about trauma or your life, but getting into the habit of writing can increase your likelihood of also keeping a personal journal. If you do choose to write about your trauma, you can help other people process similar events.

9. Blogging Is A Productive Hobby

Let’s be honest. You’re probably going to kill time on some hobbies. Netflix is unlikely to improve your life (even if it’s enjoyable!). Blogging can lead to income, better social connections, improved creativity, and helping other people. Sounds like a pretty incredible hobby to me.

10. It’s FUN!

I personally find blogging really fun. It is an awesome creative outlet for me. When I wrote my absolute favorite post!! I laughed hysterically while comparing my hairy legs to a cow. Luckily no one was there to judge me, besides my dog (still living the single life! Possibly explained by that post….).

So there you have it, my 10 reasons to start a blog! If you want to read how to start a blog that earns money, read this. My personal goal is to have my blog earn enough to make my debt payments for me. That way I can work at the hospital part time to cover my bills, and have more time to hang with my dog and rock climb (check out my personal IG account @stephanie_alice_adventures if outdoorsy stuff interests you!).

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