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My mission is to teach you about personal finance in a way that's not boring as hell.
You know the saying money can't buy you happiness? I say hogwash.
It can.... when used for what you actually want.
Most of us are just using it wrong.

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Personal Faves

Is it weird for a blogger to have favourite articles?
If you only read a few of the posts I've written, choose from this list! :)

Intentionally Deciding What You Want The Most

Slash everything you can. Get rid of everything that isn’t an absolute need. THEN decide what deserves to be added back.

Intentionally Deciding What You Want The Most

Pay off debt

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attitude fund

“Pack for your biggest fear”: How hiking advice led me to accept and prioritize a mathematically “wrong” financial goal

“Pack For Your Biggest Fear”: Building my Attitude Fund

Personal Development

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I find the balance between living for now vs later difficult. Here’s why I think Coast FI is a good compromise!

What Is Coast FI & Why Are We Pursuing It?

Financial Independence

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net worth update

Every January I tally up our numbers and post a net worth update. Somehow this year we failed on our goal, yet I’m proud of our progress!

Net Worth Update: January 2022


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My own year of less

“We must stop shopping, but we can’t stop shopping”. My exploration of why it’s so hard to stop & public commitment to my own “Year of Less”

My own “Year Of Less”

Personal Development

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The first 100k is the hardest

Charlie Munger said that the first 100k is the hardest. Now that I’ve reached that milestone, it makes sense to me. Here’s 5 reasons why!

The First 100k Is The Hardest. Then It Gets Easier?


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Self Employment fears

“I’m scared to start”. No, you’re not. Starting is very simple; you’ve done simple tasks your entire life. You fear what others might think..

Getting Over The Fears I Have About Self Employment

Personal Development

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what is enough

Can we change what we view to be enough in a society that is so obsessed with “more”? Try this exercise in recognizing enough; it might shock you.

What is Enough?

Personal Development

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6 money mistakes to avoid

We aren’t machines that will always choose the mathematically correct option. The great news is we don’t need to be!

6 Money Mistakes to Avoid


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