Exposing My Numbers: What Is Our Net Worth?

January 30, 2021

We want to be bloggers that bring you along on our journey by sharing our REAL numbers and progress. So, what is our net worth?

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What is our net worth
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Phew. Writing this feels like the adult equivalent of being pantsed in the school yard. Hello world… you’re about to see alllll my numbers. Honestly, I’m questioning why I’m doing this. So, what is our net worth? Let’s begin this financial update before I change my mind!

I’m excited to share where we WANT to go financially, but I feel shy telling you where we ARE. It feels like a no win scenario: either you read it and feel we’re bragging because we’re “doing better than you” or you read it and think we’ve financially messed up our lives. Again… why am I doing this?

I feel there are a few benefits:

1- Accountability:

It will be motivating to know that every January I’ll be sharing our updated net worth… in real dollars! While there are things I cannot control such as stock market returns or potential job loss, we CAN control our spending and saving. With my personality type there’s benefits to having external accountability and motivation.

2- Inspiration:

My hope is that sharing our real numbers inspires people who stumble upon this blog years from now. I’m tired of reading blogs by folks who are already financially independent. I want to be where they are, but it feels like they’re on a different financial planet than me. Sure you retired young… but where did you start financially, how much help did you get, and how long did it take. Show me your struggles to get there damn it!! Real data and stories are often missing.

So: we will share ours.


We do not have much in net worth, yet we plan on walking away from our careers to travel the world in just over 10 years.**

To further complicate things, we also have plans to start a family in that time (which is known for it’s positive effect on bank accounts).

We have a rough plan of how we’re going to achieve our goal (or more specifically: we know the numbers required to achieve it, but not exactly how we’ll achieve those numbers).

You know how lots of gurus advise setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-based) goals?

Yeahhhh. That’s not this. The “A” and “R” are a little in the clouds. But hey, I’m driven (and incredibly stubborn) so that’s my goal and I’m sticking to it!

Do you think we can/will do it? The fun part is in just over 10 years we will all have an answer!

Oh the incredibly delayed suspense!!

We want to be bloggers that bring you along on our journey by sharing our REAL numbers and progress. So, what is our net worth?
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How I picture 2032.

Drumroll please! Let’s get to our numbers!

What is our net worth as of Jan. 1, 2021?


  • Home equity: $31,000 based on realtor assessment summer of 2020. (House is worth 360k & a 20 year mortgage with 329k remaining)
  • RRSPs (where we have control over how the money is invested): $73,875
  • My defined benefit work pension: $15,505

= $120,380


  • Teardrop Trailer debt (purchased in 2020): $11,577
  • Student loans: $50,865
  • L’s car: $11,000

= $73,442

Total Net worth

*Note: We aren’t counting either of our vehicles or the paid off portion of the trailer as assets since we suspect they’ll be worth nothing by the time we’re done with them.

= + $46,938

I’ll be honest: I’m just happy it’s in the black at least. There is some SIGNIFICANT progress to be had on the way to our financial goals however and I can’t help but be a little miffed at us for not doing better last year.

So, what do we hope to see in 2021? Our goal is to be celebrating total debt freedom and clinking some champagne glasses by New Years Eve. It’s extremely lofty (especially when considered as a percentage of our base take home pay…) but that’s our hope.

See you Jan. 1st 2022 to let you know if we achieved it 😉

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