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This is perhaps one of my all time favourite books.
His musings on ego, minimalism and life truly changed my mindset. I found myself dog earing almost every page. Consider this a must read.

in order to save the environment we need to make better purchasing decisions and we need to buy less. Minimalism will save you money (Plus it makes it way easier to keep your house tidy!).these books will teach & inspire you.

Vacation in Latin comes from "to be empty". This book makes a captivating argument for WHY you'll be happier with less stuff, and also walks you through the practical HOW of getting your family involved. Another must read.

 "Minimalism: A documentary about the important things" changed my life & introduced me to these guys. This book is a collection of their essays and will make you question your life (in a good way!).


Favourite financial books

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