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If Your Debt Was On Display

March 31, 2019

What if your financial truth was on display? If people weren’t viewed as “successful” by the things they own? How would your spending change?

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What if your financial truth was on display? If people weren’t viewed as “successful” by the things they own? How would your spending change?
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What if your net worth was visible on your shirt? If every part of your finances was shown to the world? How different would you live if your debt was on display, rather than hiding behind the image you pretend to be?

I am not suggesting everything is about money. Your net worth has nothing to do with your self worth.

Yet somehow that concept is forgotten. We pretend to be things we aren’t. We buy things to impress people we don’t even know.

If you read my other posts, you know I’m about living an intentional life and being honest about where and WHO you are right now.

Having your net worth visible to the world would make everyone a little more honest.

When you work, you are trading your time for money. You should therefore be spending your money on things that legitimately improve your overall life and happiness.

Do the things you purchase truly bring you joy?

Did you buy your last vehicle because it was perfectly functional for the life you live? Or was the purchase influenced by what you think a certain logo tells the world about you?

What about how you have decorated your house? Are they items that truly bring you comfort or make you smile? Or were they secretly bought hoping other people will notice them, and think you’re successful. Or wealthy. If someone is jealous of your home, how does that make you feel?

Did you buy the designer clothes you are wearing because they truly suit you? Or did you buy them for the brand name status? Does wearing “no name” really make you less impressive?

If you’re honest, how many of your purchases were made with the thought “This will tell the world I’m successful”.

But it is all just an illusion, isn’t it?

The person driving the Lexus living in a mansion may have so much debt that they cannot sleep at night. They may be about to lose everything.

The person driving that rusted out car wearing brands you don’t recognize may have a bank account with so many zeroes in it that your head would explode.

But that isn’t how society works, is it?

We’re conditioned to think that the person with all the flashy things is more successful. Those are the people we strive to be. Therefore, we spend insane amounts of money trying to show the world we ARE that person.

If your debt was on display, all the pretending would stop.

There would be nothing left to fake.

No more wealth pretense to hide behind.

The image you spend so much money to upkeep would stop, because your truth would be on display.

What things would you stop buying if they no longer influenced people to view you as “successful”?

What things would you spend more money on, because they actually bring you joy?

Should those purchases change now?

if your debt was on display
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