The Best Products For Getting Clear Skin

March 28, 2019

The quest for clear skin cost me tons of money. It took years to find the best products for getting clear skin, and I want to share what FINALLY worked.

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The quest for clear skin cost me tons of money. It took years to find the best products for getting clear skin, and I want to share what FINALLY worked.
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“Why the heck are you talking about skin on a financial blog?” you might ask. If you have read my debt story, you know the quest for clear skin cost me tons of money. It took me years to find the best products for getting clear skin, and I want to share what FINALLY worked for me.

Acne is way more than a vanity problem

Ask anyone who has had severe acne, and they will tell you of the emotional costs as well. A staggering 96% of study participants reported feeling depressed due to their skin. 31% reported declining social activities, and 14% have even felt suicidal (1). To tell someone with acne to just “get over it”, or that it isn’t a big deal, shows how much you don’t understand.

There are personal moments I can remember vividly when I had acne:

  • Sitting on the bus going to university, and praying the sun didn’t catch my face “that way” that showed all the bumps
  • Skipping university on the days my skin was the worst because I didn’t want to be seen
  • All the big moments in life being overshadowed by my skin. Presentations, job interviews, dates. The thing I stressed most about? What will my skin look like.
  • Crying when I would wash my face and take my makeup off at night. I hated how I looked, and it also physically hurt.

Why me?

I never had bad skin as a teenager. The odd pimple, sure. But nothing memorable. When I turned ~20 years old, acne hit hard.

I particularly felt a stigma that since I was a nutrition student, I should look “healthy” and acne made me look “dirty”.

If I read one more thing suggesting acne is related to poor eating habits or lack of hygiene, I’ll lose it. I made sure both were perfect, and it did not help at all.

I tried EVERYTHING for my skin. Different diets, avoiding certain foods, switching birth control, hundreds of different products, supplements, humidifiers, washing my makeup brushes daily.

It went on for years, and nothing seemed to really help long term. I spent SO much money!! Finally, I found products that have actually allowed me to have clear skin long term.

So yes, some of the products below are pricey. I won’t pretend they aren’t. But they actually WORK; they made my skin clear. I never search for new products anymore or change what I do, so the costs are stable. For me, the difference in my confidence with clear skin makes these products priceless. It’s not money I feel any guilt spending.

The best products for getting clear skin
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The best products for getting clear skin

So enough rambling about my personal story. Here are the 5 products that I will no longer go without (with links to where to purchase them), and how I use them:

1. Glucosmart

I tried soooo many supplements on my quest for clear skin, and nothing worked until this. I still don’t fully understand how it works, but it does. I’ve taken one capsule nightly for over 5 years now. Occasionally I will stop taking it, and my skin starts to break out again. When combined with a proper skin care regime, this product is nothing short of magic.

USA GlucoSmart


2. Luna Sleeping Oil

This product is INCREDIBLE. I have tried so many retinol or topical products, and nothing works like Luna. Within two days, it took all the red pigmentation from my skin. It helped improve the look of scarring. It also stopped me from ever getting the large cystic bumps I used to get. This truly is a holy grail product. The bottle is a little pricey, but I only use 4 drops nightly so it really lasts a long time. After washing my face, I rub 4 drops in and wait 5 minutes before applying moisturizer.

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

3. Oil Face Wash

If you are new to oil face washes, I can understand your fear. You want me to cover my face in oil? Won’t that make me break out more? The answer is definitely no. When you use oil to wash your face, it does not strip your skin the way harsh cleansers do. This calms your skin, so it produces less of it’s own oil. It’s important to use the right kind of oil though! I personally have been using this one for years, and hope it’s never discontinued. It makes my skin glow, and never makes my face feel tight after being washed. It is important to follow the directions though! Apply 2 pumps to a dry face, rub in for ~10 seconds, then splash warm water on your face and rub in for another 10 seconds before washing it off. Your skin will feel amazing.

Argan Cleansing Oil

4. Face Oil

Yup, more oil products (are you sensing a trend?). So many acne products strip and dry out your skin, causing you to over produce your natural oils. This does the opposite. By adding oil to your skincare, your skin naturally calms down. I loooooove this product. I use it in the morning by adding 3 drops to my moisturizer before rubbing the combo into my skin. It makes my skin glow, and helps my makeup apply better (see product #5). It also prevents me from getting more oily throughout the day. Again, be careful about which which oil you use because some can worsen skin. But this one is fantastic for acne, and will not cause you to break out at all.

USA 100% Pure Oil – Organic and Natural

Canada100% Pure Oil

5. Powder foundation/ concealer

When you have acne, you want a product that will totally cover your bumps and redness. I probably tried 20 different concealers when my skin was at it’s worst. The problem with most was they looked cakey after a few hours, and often caused me to break out more. When a powder product was suggested to me by a hairdresser, I actually laughed. I thought there was no way it would cover anything. But wow, was I wrong. As long as this foundation continues to be made, I will never stop using it. Somehow it covers everything AND looks better as the day goes on. I even hike in it, and my skin still looks great after sweating. I’m very pale, so I use the ivory shade but there are many to choose from.

Two important things before using this foundation: 1) Invest in the camouflage brush if you’re using the foundation to cover acne. I use the foundation brush to apply the powder to my whole face, then the camouflage brush for hiding spots. I tried using other makeup brushes, but they don’t work nearly as well. 2) Apply the foundation soon after your moisturizer. It works best when applied to a dewy face because the powder sticks better. I personally find applying it after the oil in #4 makes the foundation last all day.

USA Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder

Canada Amazing Base Mineral Powder

USA Foundation brush

Canada Foundation Brush

USA Camouflage Brush

Canada Camouflage Brush

Those are the best products for getting clear skin that I have personally found. I understand the anguish that acne can cause. It sucks, but you aren’t alone. I hope my suggestions allow you to get clear skin years faster than I did!

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1- H. Group, The facts behind acne statistics 2017. www.acnease.com. Retrieved March 28, 2019.

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