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There’s Sh*t In The Soup

May 16, 2019

In some circumstances, things can be so bad that they cease being worth trying to keep in your life. Stop trying.

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An acquaintance of mine is currently trying to leave a very, very bad relationship. It reminded me of an analogy I love from James Altucher (bestselling author of Choose Yourself! Be happy, make millions, live the dream). “When you have a tiny piece of sh*t in the soup, it doesn’t matter how much more water you pour in or how many more spices you put on top. There’s sh*t in the soup”. In less vulgar terms, sometimes things are so terrible there is no saving them. Stop trying.

There's sh*t in the soup
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In some circumstances, things can be so bad that they cease being worth trying to keep in your life. One aspect can be so terrible that the other details stop mattering. Using the soup analogy, you cannot add expensive ingredients and save the soup. It’s ruined, and will never be good.

You might be dating someone that is amazing on many fronts. But if he’s abusive sometimes?

There’s sh*t in the soup. Walk away.

Maybe you positively despise your job. It makes you so unhappy that you dread going everyday.

You start to brainstorm ways to make it better. More vacation days? Maybe switch to part time instead?

Nope, there’s sh*t in the soup.

Some things can’t be salvaged.

You don’t need to continue to try to “eat” it. You certainly shouldn’t waste quality ingredients (time, effort, love) on it.

Sometimes it’s best to just throw it out and start a new pot.

Don’t miss out on beautiful opportunities while you try to fix something that’s ruined beyond repair.

Do yourself a favor in life; learn a new recipe.

You won’t regret it.

There's sh*t in the soup
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  1. […] many direct and indirect financial impacts of abusive relationships. If you find yourself in one, it does not matter what it costs to walk away- just leave. Come up with a safety plan, and go. Tell your friends and family, find a couch to crash on if you […]

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